A lifeplan for the future. One that lasts 250 years.

First, there was the printing press. Then the invention of the internet. And, believe it or not, the next one is only 15 years away



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create your reimagined, 250 year lifeplan. And yes—you must dream big.


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If you think this all sounds impossible—the stuff of science fiction—then think again.

In the past few years, scientists have made major advances in delaying aging in animals. They’ve increased lifespans by 45-65% and halted an aging disorder in one species with just a single dose of a gene therapy. It’s only a matter of time before this success is replicated in humans.


An enzyme-blocking molecule extended worm lifespans by 45%

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Feeding fruit flies probiotics with an herbal supplement extended their lifespans by 65%

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Single-dose gene therapy stopped an aging disorder in mice

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Can you imagine what will happen then?

At Centaura, we’re bringing advances in anti-aging treatments directly to humans. And we can already see the future.

In 2037, the first anti-aging interventions will arrive. This will provide humans with the ability to dramatically increase their lifespans. The dream of living to one hundred years old will be replaced with the dream of living until two hundred fifty—all while in good health.

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